Rice Production Machinery and Equipment

1.Paddy field laser leveler

   Leveling : precision < 3 cm

   Identified as the international advanced levelpromoted in 20 domestic provinces and 4 countries.


2.Rice precision drill seeding technology and machine

3.Models Rice precision drill direct seeding machines

                   Regular model                                                                                 Simple model

                  Installed fertilizer                                                                            Installed sprayer

4.Rice precision seeding equipment for transplanting

   In order to cultivate high quality seedlings for mechanized transplanting and throwing, the Super rice precision seeding technology and production line was successfully developed based on the vibration procession technology.

5.Centralized rice drying technology and equipment

High precision grain moisture tester and online sampling device.

The input of the drying system is determined by a real-time expert system, achieving the high quality, high efficiency and energy saving drying.