Undergraduate Degree

Major code

Title of Major

Major Courses


Agricultural Mechanization and Automation (Mechatronics)

lEngineering Thermodynamics   & Heat Transferring.

lAutomobile and Tractor

lFundamentals of Mechanical   Design

lAgricultural Mechanics   (Bilingual)

lMechatronics Engineering   & Process Control

lAgricultural Machinery


Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

lFundamentals of Mechanical   Manufacturing

lInterchangeability and   Technology Measurement

lInterchangeability and   Technology Measurement

lHydraulic and Pneumatic   Transmission

lMechanical CAD/CAM

lSensors and Detection   Technology

lElectrical Control Technology

l3D Mode Design


Vehicle Engineering

lAn Introduction to Vehicle   Engineering

lAutomobile Construction

lPrinciples of Automobile   Engine

lAutomobile Electronic Control   Technology

lTheory of Automobile

lAutomobile Design

lAutomobile Testing Technology   


Traffic and Transportation

lAn Introduction to   Transportation Engineering

lOperations Research

lAutomobile Construction

lPrinciples of Automobile   Engine

lTraffic and Transportation   Engineering

lDesign and Management in   Enterprise of Transportation

lAutomobile Operation   Engineering

lAutomobile Electronic Control   Technology

lDetection and Diagnosis   Techniques of Automobile


Electrical Engineering and Automation

lElectrical Machinery Theory

lPower Electronic Technology

lPower System Analysis

lRelay Protection of Electric   Power System

lElectrical Sections of Power   Plant



lElectric Motor and Towage

lSensors and Detecting Technology

lPower Electronics Technology

lMotion Control System

lComputer Control System


Industrial Design

lExpression of Product Design

lDesign of Materials and   Processing Technology

lEngineering of Person and   Machine

lProduct Design Methodology

lProduct Optimization Design

lComputer Aided 3D Design

lThe Original Design of   Products